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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Touchdown On Mars!

The Phoenix spacecraft has made a picture-perfect landing on Mars' northern polar region to begin a scientific mission of examining ice likely to be dug up by the lander's robotic arm. Yeah! I am a NASA geek through and through - I find rocket launches to be incredibly thrilling, and this lander's EDL (entry, descent, landing) sequence, while not as funky as the airbag deployment from the MER mission, provided just as much of an adrenaline rush. Seven minutes of terror! Human ingenuity and creativity, the desire to explore and soar beyond our ordinary existence - isn't that what ignites the passion that makes life worthwhile? I want to thank and congratulate all the engineers and rocket scientists who let our spirits ride on the back on their hard work to go places no man has ever gone, to see and touch and kiss the soil of another world - a little bit of sweet transcendence.

Meanwhile at CPL (Cannonball Propulsion Lab), I am putting my victims through the Seven Minutes of Terror swings workout. One day the nerds will inherit the Red Planet, and yours truly will be at the helm of Mission Control, launching kettlebells at Mach 1 and creating craters with impunity.


Mark Reifkind said...

good to see you post again. thought we lost you there.always such creative imaginative posts. thanks

Cecilia Tom said...

I had to clean house coz I was feeling completely dysfunctional. It took two weeks. It was that bad. I have this great fear that one day I would get run over by a truck, and people would have to come into my apartment to remove my belongings, and they would find this horrible mess, dirty laundry, dusty furniture, and chalk and discarded TracyRif sleeve socks everywhere, and bills and paper piling up ... Now at least I can die in peace, LOL.

Mark Reifkind said...

you nuts girl,lol.enjoy your cleanliness.