a kettlebell training log, and
a launch pad for aberrant missives

Thursday, April 1, 2010



oh jester, oh fool
behold! such enduring cranial structure
mandible jarringly articulate
temporally fused
with dirt
that foul mouth shuttered
shit! shit! shit!
impression unshattered
of teeth
reminiscent of smile
all in your head


Authentic Strength Training said...

And here I am losing teeth and falling in with your words. Do you recall that I lost three teeth, had them fixed, lost one of them again, got it fixed, lost it again last week, got it fixed, and then while eating scrambled eggs on Thursday, I swallowed it! It fell out and I swallowed it. Time to post!

Cecilia Tom said...

There are three footnotes to this post which I have yet to write. This outburst of words was prompted by some very elegant prose that I read on the private RKC forum the night before. Contextually staying on point. Tibia and Indian club had a resounding meeting. The loose tooth would have been crunchy, but I'm glad you swallowed without chewing.